Age Verification

The Necessity of Age Verification:

Compliance with the law is the primary reason we verify the age of our customers. Since 2015, selling vape products to individuals under 18 has been prohibited. Therefore, to adhere to these regulations, we implement age checks for all customers. While physical stores can easily verify age through established Challenge 25 procedures, online shopping requires us to employ digital verification methods for every new customer.

Digital Age Verification Explained:

For your initial purchase with us, we utilize a third-party service, Experian Ltd, to verify your age by matching your provided information (name, date of birth, and billing address) against public records like the electoral register or credit reports. Successful verification marks your account as Age Verified, eliminating the need for future checks unless your personal information changes.

Despite the efficiency of this system, where approximately 85% of customers are verified without needing to take any action, there are instances where digital verification might not be possible. This could be due to recent changes in your personal circumstances, such as moving homes or changing your name, which may not yet be reflected in public records.

Procedure for Unverified Ages:

If automatic verification fails, we offer an alternative method. You’ll be requested to provide a photo of your official ID and a selfie through a secure link, ensuring the ID belongs to you. This process is quick, easy, and can be done with any device that has a camera.

Importance of Age Verification:

Our goal is to prevent non-smokers, especially children, from starting to use nicotine. Vaping is designed as a less harmful alternative for adult smokers wishing to quit traditional tobacco, supported by Public Health England’s statement that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. The rise in youth vaping in the USA, leading to restrictive measures, highlights the importance of strict age verification to protect both young individuals and the availability of safer alternatives for adults.

Is There a Cost for Age Verification?

No, there is no cost to the customer for age verification. It’s our responsibility to ensure compliance with the law, usually without requiring any effort on your part.

In summary, age verification is a crucial step in ensuring that vape products are sold responsibly and legally, aligning with our commitment to public health and legal compliance.