Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 – Summer Dream


Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 – Summer Dream

Immerse yourself in the essence of a perfect summer day with Summer Dream. This flavor is a vibrant mix of juicy peaches, sweet strawberries, and tropical mangoes. Each puff transports you to a sun-drenched paradise, offering a smooth and refreshing vape that’s as delightful as a summer breeze.

Who is this flavor for?

Summer Dream is perfect for vapers who love fruity, tropical flavors and want to capture the carefree feeling of summer. If you enjoy a medley of juicy fruits that evoke memories of sun and fun, this flavor will be your ideal companion.

Why should you try this flavor?

  • Tropical Escape: Experience a delightful blend of peaches, strawberries, and mangoes, creating a tropical paradise in every puff.
  • Juicy and Refreshing: The perfect balance of sweet and juicy flavors offers a refreshing and invigorating vape.
  • Summery Vibes: Each inhale brings the warmth and joy of a summer day, making it a perfect choice for any time of the year.

Escape to a sun-soaked paradise with Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 – Summer Dream. Enjoy the luscious and vibrant fusion of fruits that will keep you refreshed and smiling with every puff.


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